In Philately, the expertise determines with precision the profile of a stamp: his number in a official catalog, his state, color and especially his authenticity.


In order to do the expertise of your stamps or letters in the best conditions, we give you few informations as the items to be studied can be send by postmail or directly dropped in our offices.


If you drop the stamps in 18 rue Drouot, the result of the expertise will be generally communicated to you within 24 hours. But it is not possible to guarantee this time limits because of complex examinations or due to a lack of references.


If you send them by post, be sure to use an efficient and protective packing, by registred or declared value mail with acknowledgement receipt.


As soon the expertise is done, you will be warned and our fees amount will be announced you. The stamps will be at your disposal or will be sent back to you after reception of your payment.


Draw up the list of stamps to expertise and use preferably Yvert & Tellier

catalog numbers.


It is useful to make a first sorting in separating low value or very damaged stamps.





According to the difficulty of examination, the fees are roughly established as follows (VAT included), for the AUTHENTIC stamps, without defect nor deterioration, a signature will be affixed with the back of the stamp.
3% of Yvert & Tellier quotation or of the commercial value with a minimum, whatever the result, of 5 € by stamp. Specialized classification, particular search +50%, in total 4.5%.





hey are established for the particularly rare stamps at the request of the collector. They specify the nuance, the hard copy or for the letters of value, their descriptions. Tariff: 30 € by photographic certificate, being added to the fees of expert testimony.





In Philately, the estimate determines the commercial value of a stamp, letter or collection. This value corresponds at the cost of purchase of the stamps, letter or collection by the house Pascal BEHR into perfect adequacy with the philatelic market of the moment.


Our customers, after 101 years of existence allow us to make the best offer to you.


Our international customers are in permanent request for stamps, letters or collections of the whole world.


Do not hesitate to ask us consulting for any realization of the whole or part of your collection.


Show us your stamps, letters or collections, we will deliver a general opinion to you and this, free.


For an detailed and figured estimate, we ask you for 3% of the entire amount of the set.


This amount will be completely refunded to you in the event of sale.


This estimate will be delivered to you as an expertise-estimate.


If you do not wish to sell your collection overall, we can organize for you a Mail Auction or an Auction.


Consult us for a realization of your best interests.






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